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Program Evaluations

August 22, 2016 View Narrative Report
Board of Trustees Foundation for Teaching Economics View Statistical Data

I am pleased to submit the report of my independent evaluation of the FTE’s 2016 programs, based on feedback from more than 900 students and teachers. Results from participants’ feedback and tests of understanding clearly demonstrate the positive impact of FTE programs on participants’ learning and on teaching and economics education.

Overwhelmingly and consistently, across the programs delivered this year, participants applauded:

  • FTE instructors for their knowledge and responsiveness;
  • FTE activities and materials, particularly simulations and activities that can be easily used in classroom; and
  • the impact of FTE programs on their understanding of economics.

Students in the Economics for Leaders program gave high ratings for the economics and leadership sessions, activities, and program staff. Teachers were also impressed with the Economics for Leaders program—97% said that their teaching would improve as a result of the program and 95% said the simulations were exceptional or superb.

Moreover, there were substantial learning gains as a result of FTE courses, with students and teachers demonstrating higher performance on post-tests based on course content. For example, on a test of economics understanding, students in the Economics for Leaders program demonstrated a strong grasp of the content taught. Students had an average percent correct of 79%, a gain of 13 percentage points from the pre-test.

FTE’s one-day programs and on-line courses were also very successful, with participants across programs offering high praise for the content and instructors.

With an impressive set of programs addressing important economic issues, and a top-notch cadre of instructors and leadership staff, FTE continues to make a substantial impact on the teaching and learning of economics.



Dana L. Kelly, Ph.DSenior Research Analyst

U.S. Department of Education

Washington, D.C.