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Contributions sustain the work of the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE).
The generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations make the FTE’s
programs possible. In accord with its charter, the FTE accepts no funding
from public sources.

Contributions go entirely to support actual program expenses. All of
the administrative, overhead and fundraising costs of the FTE are paid
for by income from an endowment.
2013 Contributors

Hilda Rosales Alvarez *

Stephanie Andrews *


BAE Systems Matching Gifts Program

LT Matthew S. Bailey, JAGC, USN *

Fernando and Missy Balazs

James and Alvina Bartos Balog Foundation

Bank of America Foundation

Frank H. Barker

J. Robert & Joanne N. Baur Foundation, Inc.

Ambassador and Mrs. Frank E. Baxter

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation / Stephen Bechtel Fund

F. Gregg Bemis, Jr.

W.R. Berkley Corporation Charitable Foundation

John R. Bertucci

Jared Brewster *

The Brinson Foundation

E. H. Bristol

Jerome V. Bruni Foundation

John Christopher Bunting Foundation

Louis W. Burgener

Caesars Foundation

Calvanese Family Foundation

Russell L. Carson

V. Perry Carter

Paul D. Chamberlin

Cathleen Chizauskas *

CHS Foundation

Alan W. Clark

Contran Corporation

Susan and Gary Conway

Adolph Coors Foundation

Christopher B. Cowie

Daniels Fund

Joshua R. Danziger *

Barbara and Len Darling

Dart Foundation

Sean Davis *

Ken W. Davis Foundation

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

George C. Dick

Caron and Robert Dockerty *

Dodge Jones Foundation

Earhart Foundation

Shelley and Steven Einhorn / The Einhorn Family Foundation

El Pomar Foundation

Fred and Rose Eng *

P. F. N. Fanning

Lorraine H. Finch

Renu Virmani and Chester E. Finn, Jr.

First Bank of Highland Park

Raymond and Patricia Fishe

The Fondren Foundation

T. Jack Foster, Jr.

John and Mary Franklin Foundation

Douglas C. Frechtling

Jason Frederick *

Laurens N. Garlington, M.D.

Gretchen and Bruce Garnand

Bob Garthwait, Jr., Cly-Del Manufacturing Company

Garvey Kansas Foundation

The Joanne Marie and Marcel George Foundation

Georgia-Pacific Foundation

Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation

Helen I. Graham Foundation

Robert H. Graham

The Grey Family Foundation

Steve Griffith

Denis Guenthner

Anne and Herb Gullquist

Thomas S. Hahs

The Hamlin Family Foundation Inc.

Diane and Todd Hampshire *

James and Tara Hartke *

Dr. and Mrs. Bernhard Heersink

High Meadows Foundation

Leslie and George Hume Fund

Sarah and Kyle Hybl

Mark C. Johnson

The Charles and Ann Johnson Foundation

The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation

Cliff C. Jones

The Fletcher Jones Foundation

Stanley C. Kahn

The Kantner Foundation, Inc.

Kayser Family Foundation Fund

Donald H. Keltner

Drs Cristina and Donald Keusch *

Kickapoo Springs Foundation

Kilts Family Foundation

A.P. Kirby, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Paul Kochanowski *

Koret Foundation

Edward and Renee Kullick

Walter Lantz Foundation

Terry and Steve Largent

Frank T. Lauinger

Catherine Lee and Theis Clarke *

Douglass B. Lee, Jr.

Legett Foundation

The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust

Jennifer R. Locetta *

George Lucas Family Foundation

The Lundy Fetterman Family Foundation

The Richard E. Lunquist Charitable Fund

Manloy Heritage Foundation

Laurie Marks *

Aida and Michael Martin

Martin Family Foundation

Richard Masson

Chase J. McAllister

Mary Ann and Jackson T. McBroom

Shaw McCutcheon

Denman K. McNear

Kent and Donel McNickle *

McWethy Foundation

Peggy and Robert Meisinger *

Milken Family Foundation

Carl Minie

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

George G. Montgomery, Jr.

Mark and Heidi Mooney *

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Birch and Catherine Mullins

M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Dan Murphy Foundation

Shawn Near *

Robert Oberfelder *

Harold Oberkotter

Robert S. & Helen P. Odell Fund

Office Depot Foundation


Palo Hills Foundation

Mona and Pete Pankey

David G. Parker

Leland A. Parker Charitable Trust Fund

The Binky Peters-Stephenson Fund

Elizabeth C. Ramsey *

Kathryn Ratté

The RCM&D Foundation, Inc.

Melinda Moore and William Redpath

Reid Family Foundation

Robert W. Rettie

Family Retzlaff-Huggins *

Isabelle L. Richmond MD PhD

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ring, Jr. *

Robertson-Finley Foundation

Douglas O. Robinette

Lisenne Rockefeller

James W. Root

Sheldon Rose

Tim Rosek *

Marshall and Marie Rosen *

Beverly and Alvan Rosenberg

Chris J. Rufer

Joyce and Donald Rumsfeld Foundation

Randi Schillinger and Marshall Fleer *

Victor and Novella Senese Fund

Shenandoah Foundation

Windsor and Jerry Sherrill *

Tina Shih *

Boon Sim *

Linda Smith *

Richard Courter Smith *

Wayne L. Smith *

Leif Solberg

Ji Song and Jimmy Li *

Marv Sorensen *

Dr. Wilber B. Spalding, Jr.

Jack B. St. Clair

Nicholas J. St. George

John Stagliano

Sue V. Stewart

Strake Foundation

Carolyn and William Stutt

Barry R. Sullivan

Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, Inc.

Derek Tam *

Tanner Industries, Inc.

David Taylor

Dr. Cooper L. Terry *

June Thompson *

George Thornton *

The Towbes Foundation

Ed Uihlein Family Foundation

Katrin D. Van Der Vaart *

VBS Foundation

Robert Waggoner

Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner

William H. Walton, III

Robert M. Weekley

The Weil Barnett Family Fund

Barry Weinmann *

Douglas Wheeler

John C. Whitehead

Mrs. William G. Wick

Diane B. Wilsey

Mrs. Milton Wilson, Jr.

Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

Mary Young *

Dean Zarras

Diane and Bill Zuendt


57 Individuals made a contribution of less than $100.

Many program participants made a contribution to the FTE in 2013. They are marked with an *.