EHFL Williamsburg, 2016

“This program was helpful to get a more thorough understanding of the economic forces throughout American history, along with well-designed simulations for classroom use that demonstrated the concepts.  Plus, access to extremely knowledgeable economic historians who guide you through the concepts is very helpful as well.”  – Alana Brinker, Albion College

EHFL Nashville, 2016

“The EHFL programs are also top notch, extremely helpful and useful to classroom teachers for the benefit of their students.” – Dale Warren, Phoenix School of Discovery

“The instructors were fantastic and have me fired up for fall and the new school year!” – Jess Morey, Saint Francis Catholic Academy

EHFL Chicago, 2013

“The EHFL course was the best course I have ever taken in regards to classroom practicality and has re-invigorated my desire to return to my classroom and teach in a new way!” — Michael Tauber, Rockford High School

“EHFL does a fantastic job of connecting history, economics, mathematics, and reading and writing. This is great training for teachers wanting to see the philosophy of Common Core State Standards (CSSS) in action!” – Tammy Jones, educational consultant, TLJ Consulting

EHFL Las Vegas, 2013

“Bar none, first-rate, collegial professional development for economics teachers – you can’t go wrong!” – Gregor Campbell, St. Margaret’s School

“Amazing program with amazing leaders and participants. As a new teacher, this experience has been monumental to my career development.” – Michelle Cleary, A.B. Miller High School

“Every teacher of economics, American history, and general social studies should attend the EHFL program. FTE rocks!” – John Peterson, East High School

EHFL Williamsburg, 2012

“As an American history teacher it is often hard to fit it all in, but EHFL puts things in a neat package that is accessible not only for me, but my students as well. A very revitalizing experience.” – Stephanie Clark, Jefferson Central School

“FTE’s EHFL program has been the absolute best professional development I have been a part of in my teaching career. It is excellently run with professors who are well-known in their field. I can’t wait to try their other programs as well.” – Laura Crocker, Smithfield High School

“Every EHFL simulation/activity was excellent! Students will be actively engaged and thinking critically every step of the way. Thank you, FTE!” – Dawn Kotecki, Cesar Chavez High School