Staff Spotlight – Alex Baker

Our Program Coordinators (PCs) are essential team members of the student Economics for Leaders (EFL) programs. They act as a mentor and guide to our students throughout the week.

One PC that we are fortunate to have on the EFL team is Alex Baker. Alex, who attended the EFL program in 2011 at the College of Wooster, recently graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Choral Music Education.  This summer he can be found mentoring and guiding students at the EFL Berkeley program and the new Economic History for Leaders program at Tufts University.

When asked what he loves about being a PC, Alex says,  “It gives me the opportunity to interact more closely with students than I would in the classroom, both because I work with a smaller group and because of the nature of the activities. Students tend to get really close to each other over the course of the week, and they learn how to work together more effectively as a team, while utilizing their indivisible strengths. It’s really rewarding for me to witness that process.”

Just like the students that Alex works with, he himself has the opportunity to learn and grow with each program. He says,  “Working at EFL each summer reminds me that I should always be seeking to improve myself and move forward, and that I should surround myself with people that will support and guide me along the way. I’m continually inspired and motivated by the people I meet at EFL and I feel like they encourage me to be the best version of myself. ”

When Alex is not at EFL he is travelling and teaching. Last year he worked for the Austrian Ministry of Education as an English speaking assistant. He was placed in a vocational school and a general education school where he helped students with their English as well as introduced different topics related to American culture. Alex has recently accepted a position as the choir director at Columbus North High School in Columbus, IN where he will be working with show choirs, jazz choirs, traditional choirs, and piano students.