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The FTE has been providing quality online instruction for economic(s) educators for many years. These online courses are unique in that educators can earn professional development and/or graduate credits in economics at a relatively low cost. Our classes offer something for everyone — from the novice teacher new to economics, to the seasoned master teacher. For example, the content of Economics for Teachers Online 1 & 2, not only offers a foundation in micro- and macroeconomics, but also supplies teachers with numerous classroom activities that are easily implemented. For those who have been teaching economics for a number of years and wish to deepen their understanding, FTE has you covered!

We currently offer four classes: The Economics of Disasters Online, Teaching Economics – Federal Reserve and The Economics of History Online 1 & 2. Each course will further your economic understanding and reasoning skills.

We’re also excited to be debuting a new class this Fall, “Economics, Entrepreneurship and Environmentalism Online.” This course was developed with help from the Property and Environment Research Center located in Bozeman, Montana. This class will investigate how markets can play an integral role in helping to solve environmental issues. The best part is that you can take these classes in the comfort of your own home. Although our classes are not entirely asynchronous, you will have some flexibility in regards to the completion of work. We here at FTE look forward to working with you online in the future!

This piece was written by our Director of Online Curriculum, Brett Haglin. Brett also works as an A.P. Economics and A.P. Government teacher and as the Stock Market Game coordinator for the Arizona Council on Economic Education.


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