There are many ways to make a contribution to the Foundation for Teaching

Why do donors invest in the FTE?

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Contact Us By Phone
If you would like to speak to an FTE representative, please call us weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Pacific time at 530-757-4633.

Make a Contribution Online
Make a contribution to the FTE with your credit card

Make a Contribution by Mail
If you prefer to send us your gift through standard mail, you should mail your contribution to:
Foundation for Teaching Economics
1706 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Make Your Gift of Stock or Real Property
For more information on a gift of stock please CLICK HERE or contact Jim Klauder, Vice President, Public Affairs & Development, at or 530-757-4633. Also contact Jim regarding gifts of real property.

Make a Planned Gift
The FTE can suggest strategies for smart giving in order to achieve the best of both worlds – tax savings for your family and increased resources for the FTE. Truly a win-win (except for Uncle Sam). For more information on planned giving contact Jim Klauder, Vice President, Public Affairs & Development, at or 530-757-4633. We can advise, but you will want to engage the services of an attorney and/or accountant to find the option (see list below) best suited to your family’s circumstances:

A Bequest in your Will: It is simple to name the FTE as a beneficiary in your will with a bequest of cash, stock, or real estate.

Life Income Gifts: A life income gift allows you to receive income (often an increased income) while making a gift to the FTE. In addition, life income plans can offer an immediate charitable deduction, avoidance of capital gains taxes, and portfolio diversification.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A gift annuity is a simple contract between a donor and the FTE. In exchange for a gift, the FTE will pay a fixed and guaranteed income. Income payments may be received immediately for life or deferred to a future date. The capital is held in trust at Univest and the annuity payments are guaranteed by the FTE.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: A charitable remainder trust is an individually managed trust that may be tailored to the specific needs of the donor or designated beneficiaries. These trusts can be structured to provide income for life or for a term of years. Most important, the trust assets can be managed for income or growth, depending on a beneficiary’s needs. Charitable remainder trusts can accept a broad range of gift assets and are popular because of their flexibility.

Charitable Lead Trusts: Through a charitable lead trust, the FTE receives income from the asset a donor contributes to the trust for a term of years. At the end of this period, the assets of the trust typically pass to younger family members. By making this “loan” to the FTE, donors can significantly reduce their estate and gift taxes on transfers of wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Planned Gifts: The FTE greatly encourages and appreciates future gifts made through one’s estate. Assets held in IRA’s, 401(k)s, and Life Insurance Plans can be converted, tax-free, into planned gifts in which the FTE’s interest is irrevocable can be credited toward the FTE programs. Annual statements are provided by Univest for all planned gift transactions and balances.
(The information presented here is not intended as legal or financial advice.  Please see your own professional advisers to discuss your specific situation.)