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Economic Reasoning Propositions


We often get the question, “what will we learn at Economics for Leaders?”

At Economics for Leaders, we teach Economics in the context of 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions, or “ERPs.” Morning discussions, activities, and interactive sessions introduce participants to the economic way of thinking.


People choose, and individual choices are the source of social outcomes.


Choices impose costs; people receive benefits and incur costs when they make decisions.


People respond to incentives in predictable ways.


Institutions are the “rules of the game” that influence choices.


Understanding based on knowledge and evidence imparts value to opinions.

You can access the full PDF HERE


These ERPs are reinforced throughout the week by our outstanding instructors who foster critical thinking of these difficult social problems and spark discussions by examining current  national and international issues.  In addition, hands-on simulations are used extensively to demonstrate reliability of these concepts.

Other topics taught throughout the week include

Economic Growth and Scarcity

Opportunity Cost

Open Markets

Markets in Action

Labor Markets

Incentives, Innovation and the Role of Institutions

Property Rights


Money & Inflation

International Markets


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