New Online Course: Economic Forces in American History 2

Dates:  October 16 – December 12, 2017

Registration Deadline:  October 13   (Spaces limited.  Registration may close early if course fills.)

Fees:  $175 FTE registration + $244 (optional) UCCS graduate credit  2 sem. hrs.

Stipend:  Participants who earn a passing grade and complete pilot course evaluation will have the FTE registration fee returned to them at the end of the course.


Course Content:  EHOFT-2 will apply the 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions to selected eras in U.S. History.  Each lesson is comprised of a lecture, assigned readings and videos, a written assignment, and a small group discussion.  Lessons include:

  1. Founding the Colonies
  2. The Constitution
  3. Invention, Innovation, & Education
  4. War
  5. The Great Depression


  • Must have successfully completed at least one FTE online course.  (May be waived with permission of instructor:
  • U.S. history is part of current or usual teaching assignment

Preference:  The purpose of the pilot is to test-run the course for the purpose of identifying necessary revisions before opening EHOFT2 to FTE’s regular online course rotation.  Participants will be expected to provide feedback and suggestions throughout and to complete a detailed post-course evaluation.  Preference will be given, therefore to:

  • applicants who have completed EHOFT part 1;
  • Applicants who are currrently teaching U.S. history  (Participants will be required to run a classroom activity.); and
  • applicants who have previously taken courses on Canvas.

Before Applying:  Please review the FTE’s online course policies and procedures  (Note that registration links on the policies page will not work for this pilot.)

To Apply:   email with the following information:

  • Personal information including name, city, state, email address
  • Teaching assignment, including grades and subjects
    • Please explain whether your schedule, including coaching, and out-of-school commitments etc. will allow for timely engagement in small group assignments/discussions.
  • Previous FTE courses taken (both online and in person)
  • Experience/comfort with online classroom platforms
  • Experience with course design, evalution, and revision.
  • Brief (2 sentence max.) statement explaining your interest in participating and what you believe you can contribute to the pilot.

Online Registration:  Accepted applicants will receive email instructions for FTE and UCCS registrations.

Questions:  contact