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Recent Alumni Profile – Arran Wass-Little


Recent alumnus, Arran Wass-Little, attended our Economics for Leaders (EFL) program at the University of California, Berkeley in summer 2017. Less than one year later he has been busy putting to use some of the skills he learned at this program, as he prepares for an investment competition at The Wharton School.

Before attending Economics for Leaders, Arran viewed Economics in a more mathematical way but came to realize that it is also largely the study of people and such an important subject to our everyday lives. Arran’s favorite part of the program was the blend of Economics with Leadership. “The leadership part allowed for all participants to bond during the day, while the economics section engaged us in learning while having fun.”

Arran and some of his classmates worked hard all year on preparing an investment strategy only to find out recently that his team had made it to the finale, where they get to present their work at Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia. Arran reflects on this experience as “fairly demanding” and has been working hard to prep for the final presentation. Arran says his experience last summer at EFL has definitely helped him prepare for this challenge, “I believe that EFL allowed me the opportunity to view a subject I didn’t know much about with fresh eyes gave me enough information to go and explore. These possibilities turned into what is now the KWHS Investment Competition.” 

Arran hopes to continue learning more about philosophy and math as he pursues higher education. Wishing best of luck to alumnus Arran on this pursuit and his team presentation at the investment competition!


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