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Recent Alumni Spotlight – Sam Goldfein


Sam attended our Economics for Leaders (EFL) program last July at Brown University. Since that time, Sam has felt a new confidence in his classes. Sam says, “My new fearlessness to learn has allowed me to flourish in learning environments and become more successful throughout my educational career.” In his US History course he has found that his new economic knowledge has helped him to better understand the motives of countries and politicians throughout history.

Another favorite subject for Sam is his AP Environmental Science course. He enjoys learning about the effects of Climate Change in the world and again applying those skills learned at EFL by analyzing the impacts and forming well-developed opinions on the matter.

When asked about his favorite part at Economics for Leaders, Sam says, “While we learned tons of useful information regarding economics, I found that the leadership activities helped me become more confident in myself, and they helped me grow significantly as a person within only a week. Now, almost a year later, I still remind myself of the many life lessons FTE has taught me.”

We are gearing up for another summer of Economics for Leaders programs and cannot wait to hear about the impact our programs will have on future students!


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