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Program Coordinator in Training


The Foundation for Teaching Economics is looking for energetic Economics for Leaders (EFL), Economic Forces in American History (EFAH), and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy (EGE) alumni to serve as Program Coordinators (PCs).  PCs are an integral part of the EFL/EFAH/EGE curriculum by assisting in the leadership instruction and overseeing the daily life of the student participants. During an FTE student program, each PC serves as a “big sibling” to the student participants by motivating them, reinforcing the program’s lesson objectives, providing guidance and camaraderie, and helping enforce the program’s rules of student conduct.

To become a Program Coordinator at FTE student programs, future PCs must spend one summer as a Program Coordinator-in-Training (PCIT). Like all FTE programs, PCIT training is ‘hands-on.’ PCITs attend an FTE program where they interact with and learn from the PCs and senior leadership staff. PCITs are typically assigned to one program in their first summer.  After completing this week of training, they will be prepared to work as a PC later in the summer, provided spots are available, or the following summer. PCIT compensation is $400 for the week.

This summer, we will offer both in-person and virtual programs.  Virtual programs run from 11:30am-4:30pm Eastern Time. The PCs will be required to participate from 11:30am-12pm ET and approximately 3-4:30pm ET.

The workload is more demanding at in-person programs. Program coordinators help deliver the afternoon and evening leadership curriculum and chaperone students in the residence halls.

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Complete the online application
  • Completed one year of college or the equivalent by the start of the summer
  • Be an alum of the EFL, EFAH, EGE, or E&E
  • Be committed to the mission of FTE

Selected candidates are required to participate in two online pre-program training sessions.

Benefits of being a PC include:

  • Round-trip travel to locations across the country
  • The opportunity to work with and learn from nationally recognized individuals in the fields of economics and leadership
  • FTE covers meals and accommodations at the worksite
  • Compensation –  in-person programs:
    • PCIT $400
    • 1st Year PC $700 per week
    • 2nd+ Year PC $800 per week
  • Compensation – virtual programs:
    • $250 per week (about two hours per day)
  • A $75 meal stipend for in-person programs

PCs can expect to work three to four programs per summer.

Applications for Summer 2024 will be available in January.

Please contact Becky Wilson at bwilson@fte.org with any additional questions regarding the Program Coordinator position.