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Program Topics and Content


Leadership Instruction:

  • Fosters a greater understanding of self-potential
  • Improves the ability to work in groups and teams

Economic History Instruction:

  • Key Forces in Economic History:
    • A key to understanding people’s behavior is figuring out the incentives they face.
    • Economic freedom, rule of law, and well-defined property rights promote growth and prosperity
    • Inflation (deflation) happens when the money supply grows more quickly (slowly) than output
    • Wars harm economies and people
    • Entrepreneurship, business, and the pursuit of profit create opportunities and economic growth
    • Government is the arena of competition among interest groups
    • Worker mobility and competition among employers prevent exploitation of workers

Morning Economic History Seminars:

  • Simulations are used extensively to demonstrate the reliability of theoretical concepts
  • Outstanding economics instructors foster critical thinking about difficult social problems
  • Examination of current national and international issues promotes discussion

Afternoon Leadership Workshops:

  • Move outdoors in beautiful campus settings
  • Challenge student teams with both physical and mental problems
  • Enhance teamwork and leadership skills
  • Forge life-long friendships

Evening Activities:

  • Student dilemmas
  • Public policy debates
  • Recreational and social events