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Program Content and Topics


Economics & Leadership Content and Topics

Economics Instruction:

  • Simulations are used extensively to demonstrate the reliability of theoretical concepts
  • Outstanding economics instructors foster critical thinking about difficult social problems
  • Examination of current national and international issues promotes discussion
  • 10 Topics taught in the context of 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions (ERPs):
    • Economic Growth and Scarcity
    • Opportunity Cost
    • Open Markets
    • Markets in Action
    • Labor Markets
    • Incentives, Innovation and the Role of Institutions
    • Property Rights
    • Government
    • Money & Inflation
    • International Markets


Leadership Instruction:

  • Fosters a greater understanding of self-potential
  • Improves the ability to work in groups and teams

By the end of the week, each student will:

  • Develop self awareness skills
  •  Recognize the value of interpersonal relationships in a leadership environment
  • Enhance individual communication skills within a group context
  • Enhance ability to use consensus-building for the purposes of group problem-solving and decision-making
  • Develop group norms and experience the value of working together as a team to accomplish a goal
  • Discuss social identity and how an individual’s choices determine both role and interactions within a community
  • Explore ethical responsibility as an extension of self and how one individual influences a group or community
  • Recognize the concept of systems thinking; the world is a set of interconnected systems which we influence and which influence us
  • Develop the ability to connect responsible leadership and an economic way of thinking