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Program Content and Topics


Economics Instruction

  • Simulations are used to provide experiential learning opportunities and demonstrate the reliability of theoretical concepts 
  • Outstanding economics instructors foster critical thinking about difficult social problems
  • Examination of current national and international issues promotes discussion
  • 10 Topics taught in the context of 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions (ERPs):
    • Economic Growth and Scarcity
    • Opportunity Cost
    • Open Markets
    • Markets in Action
    • Labor Markets
    • Incentives, Innovation and the Role of Institutions
    • Property Rights
    • Government
    • Money & Inflation
    • International Markets

Leadership Instruction

  • Leadership Topics are taught in the context of the Leadership Pyramid Matrix used in university leadership courses 
  • Goal is to improve participants ability to work and lead teams and to connect responsible leadership and the economic way of thinking

Elements of the Leadership Pyramid Matrix presented: 

  • Personal Leadership Domain: Preparing and projecting who you are
  • Relational Leadership  Domain: Demonstrating concern and understanding
  • Contextual Leadership Domain: Clarifying who we are and how we work together


Advanced Economics for Leaders at Yale University and UCLA

FTE will offer a more advanced economic curriculum in addition to the leadership instruction at Yale University (June 26-July 2, 2023) and UCLA (July 31-August 6) in summer 2023. The basic schedule for this program will mirror all other EFL sites. In order to qualify for Advanced EFL at Yale University and UCLA, students must have completed a course in economics prior to the start of the program, and this course must be shown on their high school transcript.