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Summer Wrap-Up


Another summer season with FTE has come to a close! We held 16 programs in all 5 regions of the United States. We had the help of 59 staff members specializing in leadership and economics and we served a total of 554 students and 115 teachers.

Here’s what some of our students had to say…

“I have not only grown as an economics student who is able to analyze concepts through different lenses, but I am also a changed leader in that I know how to more effectively communicate and solve problems in team settings. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for an educational camp that also fosters new relationships.” -Connor Kraska

FTE was one of the greatest programs I have ever participated in. I became truly fascinated with economics, developed my leadership skills, and most importantly developed relationship that have changed my life. -Ruby Berryman

“Rather than teaching a specific ‘one size fits all’ method of leadership, EFL taught me how I can use my unique strengths to best benefit a group.” -Spencer Kelly

Our teacher participants also had great things to say about their time at the program. Teachers work with our professors and students to learn new lesson plans of simulations and activities for their classroom.

“This program gives students great insight into the broad field of economics. It was insightful, adaptable for different age groups, and a fun week! I totally recommend all teachers and students to attend! -Mallory Lasorso 

“FTE was a great experience. I received wonderful tools for the classroom and was able to connect with other teachers too network with.” -Mike Quigley

Follow FTE for the most up to date information on programs that run throughout the year and as we begin to gear up for summer 2019!



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