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September 15, 2018
Board of Trustees Foundation for Teaching Economics

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I am happy to submit my independent evaluation of the FTE’s 2018 programs, based on feedback from more than 1,600 participants including 874 students and 771 teachers.  Empirical surveys, along with written feedback from participants and pre and post testing, reveal that FTE programs are filling a void by both providing pedagogical tools for teachers and inspiring students to learn more about the importance of the economic way of thinking.

In summary, both students and teachers across all programs consistently and overwhelmingly praised:

  • FTE instructors for their inspiring teaching, responsiveness and knowledge of the material;
  • FTE content for its clarity and adaptability to the classroom; and,
  • FTE programs for enhancing their understanding of economics and economic issues.

Pre- and post-tests of the high school students attending Economics for Leaders programs revealed positive changes in their understanding of economic concepts. Students had an average post-test score of 80% (an increase over last year), with some improvements as large as 13%.  Students praised the instructors for their ability to make challenging content understandable. More importantly, 82% of students left the program with a better understanding of how free markets allocate goods and services in the global economy.

High school teachers reported profound benefits from attending FTE programs, with 93% indicating the content was clear and stimulating and that it would improve their classroom teaching.  91% said they would recommend FTE programs to their colleagues. Teachers indicated they had learned how to better teach an economic way of thinking and praised both the instructors and the relevant and salient content, as well as their effective delivery.

Based on my review of the data, the FTE should take pride in an impressive array of programs that are providing a framework for teaching an economic way of thinking in high school classrooms. FTE is providing much needed training and exposition on the economic topics and education methodology so needed in high schools today.


Anne Rathbone Bradley, Ph.D.