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September 25, 2019
Board of Trustees

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I am happy to submit my independent evaluation of the FTE’s 2019 programs, based on feedback from more than 1380 individuals which included 651 high school students and 730 teachers.  Empirical surveys along with written feedback from participants and pre and post testing continue to demonstrate that FTE programs are essential for helping equip both students and teachers with relevant and powerful pedagogical tools and instruction methods which stimulate the economic way of thinking, which is so needed today.

In summary, both students and teachers across all programs consistently and overwhelmingly praised:

  • FTE instructors for their inspiration and dynamic instruction methods which improved learning and sparked creativity;
  • FTE content for its relevance, clarity and necessity in the classroom;
  • FTE programs for enhancing their understanding of the economic way of thinking

Pre- and post-tests of the high school students attending Economics for Leaders programs revealed positive changes in their understanding of economic concepts. Students increased the pre to post test score by 9 percent (81% overall score), an increase over last year.  Students praised the instructors for their ability to make challenging content understandable and praised their instruction methods and techniques.

High school teachers reported profound benefits from attending Economics for Leaders programs. Teachers’ comments indicate that they enjoy the hands-on approach that can be carried into their classrooms. High praise was given in the comments to activities and simulations which participants felt gave them practical ways to implement the economic lessons. Comments were near unanimous in their praise of the program for providing new insights into teaching and a wealth of resources for the classroom. The program injected enthusiasm into the participants desire to teach economics to their students which was quite clear.

Based on my review of the data, the FTE should take pride in an impressive array of programs that are providing a framework for teaching an economic way of thinking in high school classrooms. FTE is providing much needed training and exposition on the economic topics and education methodology so needed in high schools today.


Anne Rathbone Bradley, Ph.D.