One Day Programs

Some economic issues –  international trade, natural disasters, command economies, the environment – are perennial features in an always-changing world scene. The tools of economic reasoning empower students to make sense of change as they identify and explain the similarities underlying unique events and contexts. FTE’s One Day programs offer news- and issues-based lessons to supplement history, economics, global studies, contemporary problems, geography, and civics curricula.


Instructional units are comprised of 5-7 stand-alone lessons, teacher background outlines, classroom activity instructions and demonstrations, and (regularly updated) source lists.  Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Environmental Economics
  • Rejuvenating Your Economics Classroom
  • The Economic Demise of the Soviet Union
  • Issues in International Trade
  • The Economics of Disasters
  • The Economics of Water and the Environment
  • Economic Forces in American History (One Day version)

One Day programs are excellent in-service options. The FTE will partner with school districts or local economics or social studies organizations to offer workshops. Half-day, evening, and full-day (including Saturday) scheduling is available.


FTE will partner with teachers, school districts, local economics or social studies organizations to offer a program designed for 75 – 125 raising juniors and seniors. FTE staff delivery both content instruction and activity-based lessons that fully engage attending students. This program is an excellent “field trip” experience that builds interest and enthusiasm for economics.

Topics Include:

  • Incentives
  • tragedy of the commons
  • property rights
  • scarcity
  • voluntary exchange
  • comparative advantage
  • marginal cost analysis
  • absolute poverty vs relative poverty
  • entrepreneurship

And many more topics.