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Teacher Spotlight – Joseph Hauser


Economics teacher Joseph Hauser attended our Right Start program in 2010 and it has since changed the way he thinks about economics!

For 14 years Joseph has been been teaching students on a variety of subjects, including Economics, Government and U.S. History. Joseph earned his Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg, PA, as well as his Bachelor’s Degree in Composite Social Studies Education and Master’s Degree in Church History from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. In addition to his studies at Bob Jones, Joseph has participated in courses at Clemson University and Furman University.

When reflecting on his experience at the Right Start program held in South Carolina, Joseph says,

“When I was first asked to teach Economics, I had not actually had an economics class for about 13 years. I really did not know where to begin, but I was able to enroll in the Right Start for Economics class halfway through my first time teaching it and it truly transformed how I thought about economics. I began to understand more things about the world around me and also how we function as individuals. I have been teaching economics for the past eight years and I still use several of the activities I first learned from the Right Start program, while feeling more confident to continue to add to my toolbox along the way.”

Teachers can learn more about our various program offerings by visiting: https://www.fte.org/teachers/teacher-programs/



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