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Teacher Spotlight – Krista Oberlindacher


Krista Oberlindacher has learned a lot about teaching economics over the last 15 years working as a teacher at various middle schools and high schools in the Boise area. Throughout that time, Krista has also gained personal business experience after buying and running a business alongside her husband.

One thing Krista has learned about the subject of economics is how relevant it can be to every classroom and every age. Krista has attended many FTE programs including Economics and the Environment, Economics for Leaders and Rejuvenating your Economic Classroom. About her experience with the FTE programs, Krista says, “I have incorporated many of the lessons learned in middle school and high school for economic concepts and awesome classroom management!”

Krista would recommend the FTE programs to any teacher, finding the lessons great for any grade and, “wonderful take away materials for many subject areas.”

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