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Frequently Asked Questions


Must I attend all three days of the program?

Yes, participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions of the seminar. Participants who miss any sessions will not be eligible to receive stipends, nor will they be able to receive the graduate credits.


If I have already attended a One Day program on one of the units, must I still attend all days, or can I skip the unit I have already attended?

Participants are expected to attend all three days even if they have previously attended a One Day session on one or more of the units.


What is the cost of the Economic Issues program?

The registration fee is $150. Included in this registration fee is room (single occupancy), some meals, and program materials.

Transportation to and from the program site, including all expenses associated with travel, are the responsibility of the participant.

Please note that you must submit your registration payment before you are considered officially enrolled; completing the online registration form without payment does not guarantee your spot.


What are the start and end times of the Issues program?

Program check-in and on-site registration will begin the first day of the program in mid-afternoon. All participants, including commuters, need to check in during that time.

The program will conclude at 12 PM on the last day.


I’ll need to arrive a little late, leave early and/or miss a couple of sessions during the week. Is this OK, and can I still get the university credit?

No. Everyone who participates in FTE programs is expected to be present for the entire program. Participants must be in attendance at all sessions to be eligible for university credit and stipends. Please plan your travel and your schedule accordingly.

If you leave early or do not attend all scheduled sessions, you will be ineligible to receive the optional graduate credit and fail to receive your course completion certificate. You will also be ineligible to receive any stipends.


How do I register for graduate credit?

Information on graduate credits through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs will be provided before the start of the course.


How are stipends awarded?

There are two types of stipends available for FTE teacher programs – participation and commuter stipends. Not all programs will offer stipends, however when offered, the residential participation stipend is $600 and the commuter stipend is $150.

To earn an available participation stipend, participants must attend and actively participate in all sessions. There is no need to apply for the participant stipend.

Commuter stipends are available for local participants who commute to the program site each day of the program (not staying onsite). To earn an available commuter stipend, participants must attend and actively participate in all sessions.

Stipend checks will be mailed approximately 4 weeks after the program has been completed.


Is there an assignment required to receive the university credit, or do I just have to attend the sessions?

Yes, in addition to being in attendance at all program sessions, those taking the program for credit must choose two lessons from the curricula to teach in their classrooms and submit a short analysis of the teaching. This is to be done within 2 months after the end of the program.


Can I bring my family with me?

You are welcome to bring a spouse or family member to share your room; however, all program sessions and meal functions are for participants only. FTE will cover the cost of a single room.

If you wish to stay additional nights in the hotel, please contact Lisa Chang at lchang@fte.org to find out about availability and cost.


What is the cancellation policy?

The Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) is closely monitoring the ongoing presence of COVID-19. FTE is in close contact with our campus and hotel partners. Should a campus or hotel closure require the cancellation of a program, full refunds of the program fee will be given. For participants who voluntarily withdraw, refunds will be made according to the refund policy and schedule below.

The registration fee will be refunded 50% for cancellations made prior to December 15, 2022.  After December 15, no refunds will be issued.