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For the first time in my life, I feel confident teaching economics & economic issues to my students.
–Shannon Gerlach

The content is thought-provoking & incorporates a fairly comprehensive approach to basic economic concepts in real world situation scenarios.
–Sharon Sims

I know that my students will understand economics better by using the material I received.
–Margaret Hale

These materials walk into my classroom the next day. They are so complete and tested; they teach directly to key objectives in dramatically clear & exciting way.
–Dena Hughes

I am a new teacher & haven’t yet taught economics and I’ve always been wary of the subject. This seminar provided tons of materials on interesting & highly relevant topics, that I could definitely incorporate into all my classes. I look forward to the next one.
–Heather Desmond

This program has helped me to see how I can present economic topics using social studies issues. I will now use the disasters format to teach PPF – the Soviet Union History to teach Command Economy etc. …
–Kerrie Galagan

I have taken FTE programs before. This was the best yet.
–Scott Heinecke

The combination of the issues (4) facilitated a great depth of understanding.
–Mark Bradley

Wonderful that the programs are available for those of us who teach upper elementary – has strongly affected my teaching in a positive way! Thank you so much!
–Lynne Cartter

This seminar offered great materials for teachers. Especially for someone who has been doing this for a while, it gives me ideas to teach concepts in new & relevant ways.
–Jeff Hoseley

Outstanding program with rigorous curriculum & amazing topics. Inspires you to go back to the classroom & do it better.
–Pamela Miller