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Economics for Leaders Virtual


The Economics for Leaders (EFL) Virtual program represents a unique experience in economics education that brings together teachers looking to improve their teaching skills in economics. The 5 1/2-day EFL Virtual program is rigorous and encompasses 30+ hours of instruction.

The goal of each EFL Virtual program is to provide teachers with lesson plans of simulations and activities, economics content instruction, and a networking opportunity with other teaching professionals. The combination of virtual classroom instruction, question and answer sessions, small group discussion, and workshops presents information in a rich and varied format, encouraging active participation. Economics professors selected nationwide for their expertise, along with skilled mentor teachers, provide content instruction and run simulations and activities that are designed to illustrate economic principles. Both new and experienced teachers will benefit from attending this program.

A feature of EFL Virtual that past participants have found especially useful is the demonstrations: the EFL staff model the activities and simulations with high school students. Teacher attendees gain direct hands-on experience with the lesson plans.

Learning has never been so easy, rewarding, or budget-friendly:

  • Participation stipends available
  • Learn from the comfort of your home via Zoom
  • Choose from numerous dates
  • Approximately 20 teachers accepted per program
  • Correlated to all 50 state standards in economic education
  • Based on Voluntary National Standards in Economic Education
  • Nationally recognized professors and instructors
  • Optional 3-semester hours of graduate credit in economics available for $366 through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.


EFL focuses on how markets work. Participants learn that…

  • People respond to incentives
  • Voluntary exchange provides mutual gains
  • Profits attract entrepreneurs
  • Competition encourages efficiency
  • Private property rights are essential in free societies
  • The fact of scarcity necessitates some form of rationing
  • Opportunity cost is the real cost of what we choose
  • Inflation depends on the money supply
  • Choices can cause negative effects
  • Economic change is inevitable

Morning Economics Seminars

  • Observe outstanding economics instruction
  • Participate with students in simulations
  • Discover classroom activities and strategies for teaching economics in virtual and traditional classrooms.

Afternoon Workshops

  • In-depth examination of economic concepts
  • Question and answer sessions on the economic perspective of current events and issues
  • Demonstration and debriefing of classroom activities

Technology Requirements

  • Laptop/computer with microphone & webcam
  • Additional mobile device (phone/tablet)

Course Platforms

  • Zoom (Web Conferencing)
  • Canvas (Learning Management System)

Applications for Interactive Lectures/Activities

  • PearDeck
  • MobLab
  • Google Docs
  • And more…