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One Day Seminars


The One Day Seminars are made possible through the support of our partners at the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) and the Hatton Sumners Foundation.  

The AIER-FTE One Day Seminars are designed as content and activity-rich professional development programs, geared toward a variety of teachers and grade levels. The AIER economists’ presentations provide participants with the academic underpinnings to the course topics while FTE faculty show teachers how to incorporate them into their classrooms.

The Sumners Foundation’s financial support for FTE’s new Making Sense of the Federal Budget, Debt, & Deficits curriculum unit provides FTE with resources to improve how educators teach about the government budgets, spends, and raises revenue. As with all FTE curriculum units, participants will leave the seminar with content knowledge and activities for use in their classroom.

One Day Seminars may be scheduled during the week or on Saturdays, both online and in-person. There is no cost to attend a One Day Seminar thanks to FTE’s generous partners and co-sponsors. One Day Seminars qualify for one graduate hour credit in economics from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for an additional fee. Please see the UCCS Optional Graduate Credit page for further information.

Program topics include:

  • Economics of Disasters – curriculum examines a variety of natural disasters – from the Black Death to modern hurricanes – through the lens of economic analysis. The material is cross-curricular and can be adapted in economics, history, and other social studies disciplines.
  • Economic Demise of the Soviet Union – explains why the Soviet economy collapsed and how it relates to features within our own economy. Classroom lessons and activities provided.
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Economics – for upper elementary through high school teachers who teach science and social science. No prior economics background required.
  • Issues of International Trade/Understanding Global Economic Issues – for teachers incorporating global economic trade concepts into their classes. Focus is on current issues. Highly interactive with both content and pedagogical instruction.
  • Making Sense of the Federal Budget, Debt & Deficits – examines issues related to the federal budget, debt and deficits in light of incentives, costs, and benefits. Interactive lessons to apply in either a traditional or virtual classroom.

The One Day Seminars may be co-sponsored with State Councils/Centers for Economic Education, individual school districts, and any organization serving K-12 educators.  Please see the co-sponsor link at the right for details.

For additional information, please contact Don Fell, FTE Professor and Director of the One Day Seminars, at dfell@fte.org.

  • No cost to attend
  • Participation stipend in form of Amazon gift card*

*To qualify for a stipend, teachers must attend and actively participate in all sessions. There is no need to apply for a participation stipend. 



Course TopicDate / TimeLocationAvailable StipendsGraduate Credit (Optional)Registration Status
Economics of DisastersSaturday, Oct. 14, 2023 - 11:40a-5:00p EST (8:40a-2:00p PST)Virtual$50 Amazon gift card participation stipend1 graduate credit hour (additional fee)OPEN
Economic Forces in American HistorySaturday, Nov. 4, 2023 - 11:40a-5:00p EST (8:40a-2:00p PST)Virtual$50 Amazon gift card participation stipend1 graduate credit hour (additional fee)OPEN
Making Sense of the Federal Budget, Debt & DeficitsSaturday, Dec. 9, 2023 - 11:40a-5:00p EST (8:40a-2:00p PST)Virtual$50 Amazon gift card participation stipend1 graduate credit hour (additional fee)OPEN