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Co-Sponsor Information


The following contract language will be used to specify responsibilities of both FTE and the co-sponsor.

One Day Co-Sponsor Contract Details

The Foundation for Teaching Economics welcomes your participation in providing the One Day (topic) to teachers in your area. Thank you for your help in recruitment and program logistics. The purpose of this document is to outline FTE and co-sponsor responsibilities and payment expectations.

Co-Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Secure a suitable site for the workshop (site must have internet access);
  • Provide presentation equipment and supplies;
  • Arrange and pay for breaks and lunch for all attendees and staff during the program;
  • Recruit a minimum number of teachers to complete registration, as detailed below;
  • Ensure that all participants sign the sign-in sheet at the program AND complete the online course evaluation at the end of the program (co-sponsor will need to remind participants to bring smart devices and/or laptops and provide internet access);
  • Provide FTE with shipping information and program logistics details in advance of the program.

FTE Responsibilities:

  • Collect online registrations for program (and provide registration link ahead of time for marketing and recruitment on co-sponsor website, if requested)*;
  • Cover costs for all presenters;
  • Provide program materials and completion certificates;
  • Provide the co-sponsor with one lump sum payment of $100 per teacher attendee to cover both co-sponsor expenses and participant costs after the program (based on the requirements below)**
    • *FTE will collect registrations but will not advertise program on FTE website.  Co-sponsor is responsible for marketing and recruitment for program.
    • **Payment contingent upon teacher attendance, sign-in at program and completion of FTE online evaluation

Co-Sponsor Payment Expectations:

  • All participants must be full-time educators (student teachers OK) during the 2022-23 academic year. 
    • All participants must sign the sign-in sheet at the program and complete the FTE program evaluation within 1 week after the program date in order to be included in attendee count for payment check to co-sponsor.  If either the attendee signature or the completed evaluation are missing, they will not be included in the attendee count for the co-sponsor payment as noted above (even if participant has attended).  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
    • It is the sole responsibility of the participant/co-sponsor to complete and/or track FTE evaluation for stipend and co-sponsor payment purposes.   Evaluations must be completed within 1 week of program. 

NOTE: After (specified date), FTE reserves the right to cancel the program if enrollment is less than 15.

Please contact Professor Donald Fell for questions about course content, program materials, billing, shipping, and logistics, at dfell@fte.org.