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Economic Demise of the Soviet Union


What happened in the former Soviet Union is surely one of the great events of modern history, an upheaval that will continue to have a monumental impact on global politics and trade.  During this program, Soviet history is the vehicle for teaching fundamental skills and principles of economic reasoning, which are then used to analyze the complexities of the intertwined economic, political-legal and moral-cultural components of Soviet society.  In addition to explaining why the Soviet economy collapsed, the lessons help students understand features of our own economy.

Curriculum : lessons with teacher background outlines and classroom activities, including:

    • Opportunity Cost: The Soviet Choice for Growth
    • Missing Markets and Missing Prices: The Task of the Planning Ministry
    • Incentives Matter: The Firm in the Soviet Economy
    • Property Rights: Soviet Farms
    • Transaction Costs: Life in a Soviet Household
    • Applying the Lessons of the Soviet Union

Economic concepts discussed during the course of this program can be found here.

One Day Seminars qualify for one graduate hour credit in economics from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for an additional fee. Please see the UCCS Optional Graduate Credit page for further information.