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Economics Live: One-Day Programs for Students


Looking to build enthusiasm and excitement around your economics programs?

Bring an FTE program to your high school.  These programs, designed around the school day, give 75  – 125 students a taste of FTE’s unique activity – based approach to teaching economics. Students will learn key economics concepts through an engaging learning simulations.


The Environment, Poverty, and Trade
This program applies the economic reasoning to three topics: the environment, poverty, and international trade. It is best suited for younger students, students new to economics, or an audience with mixed exposure to economics.

Poverty, Growth, and the Human Condition
This topic engages students in dicussion and the study of the institutions of capitalism and how we measure and perceive poverty.  This program is aimed at older students or students already familiar with some economics.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Topics focus on markets, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The curriculum is designed to help students understand and appreciate the operation of a market economy and institutions that allow innovation to raise standards of living.

All three topics are tied to FTE’s Economics Reasoning Propositions (E.R.Ps) and covered multiple economic concepts.

Activities are an integral part of the curriculum.  Examples of activities include:

M&Ms & Lemonade
Make Your Mark on the World
Where in the World?
Magic of Markets
Thingamajigs – the More the Merrier!
The Ultimatum Game
Kahoot! Showdown
And, more


Programs are staffed with two economics instructors: a professor and mentor teacher.  The economics team works together to deliver both program content and the activities. To view potential teaching staff, visit FTE Faculty


"I just returned from one of the best conferences we have hosted! Professors Don Fell and John Brock were absolutely WONDERFUL and the students and teachers with whom we visited were so complimentary. They loved the interaction and the enthusiastic presentation of economic principles and what those principles mean in their lives.

Thanks for the books you provided; many of the teachers told me they planned to use them in their classroom. What a fine resource!

We appreciate everything FTE did to make the conference first-class."

"The students at Chatfield High School thoroughly enjoyed the program. Our students come into our economics classes knowing very little about economics, or have a negative view of what to expect from the subject. This day introduced basic economic concepts in both an informative and enjoyable way. It absolutely increased their enthusiasm for economics and the feedback received from students was very positive and students retained the information. In fact, yesterday in class I brought up one of the topics discussed and students made an instant connection and remembered the experience and the content. I strongly support continuing this program and would love to host it again."
Phyllis Hunsinger (FREE, Grand Junction, CO)Sherry Weber (Chatfield High School, Littleton, CO)


Co-Sponsor responsibilities:

  • Secure a suitable site for the workshop (site must have internet access);
  • Provide presentation equipment and supplies;
  • Arrange food and beverages for all attendees and staff during the workshop;
  • Recruit and register a minimum of 100 students, no later than 21 days before the workshop;
  • Provide FTE with a sign-in sheet and/or list of participants’ names;
  • Ensure that participants complete the online course evaluation at the end of the program. Co-sponsor will need to remind participants to bring smart devices and /or laptops and provide them with internet access;
  • Provide 3-4 chaperones to help with running activities, completing program evaluations, and managing the classroom;
  • Provide FTE with shipping information and program logistics details before the program.

For its part, the FTE will:

  • Provide and cover costs for all program materials and presenters;
  • Reimburse the co-sponsor up to $15 for meal expenses per participant. Co-sponsor meal expenses must be accompanied by a receipt.

Ted Tucker
Executive Director