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Rejuvenating Your Economics Classroom


This One Day program is designed for new and experienced economics teachers, as well as middle school teachers and curriculum specialists charged with incorporating economic principles into their curriculum.

The program will help teachers refresh their economics understanding, bring back the excitement of teaching economics and provide simulations to engage students in group-structured activities that will enrich their understanding of a variety of economic principles.

The conference will include classroom-tested activities, as well as a variety of interactive lectures focusing on the following:

  • Supply and Demand – Teaching Market Dynamics and Distortions
  • Economic Goals – Understanding Economic Priorities and Policies
  • The Federal Reserve – Understanding the Role, Policy Tools and Recent Policy Actions of the Federal Reserve
  • International Trade – How Economists Look at International Trade and Trade Issues

Option – may be taken for 1 graduate hour credit in economics from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  UCCS registration procedure and assignment details will be provided onsite.

For registration information, please contact the co-sponsor listed on the One Day programs page.

For additional information, please contact Donald Fell, FTE Professor and Institute Director for the One Day seminars at dfell@fte.org.