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Understanding Global Economic Issues


One Semester of Graduate Level Credit in Economics Available

Why do people trade – across city lines, state lines, or national borders?  Are we better off with or without trade?  Will trade hurt or benefit certain groups of people?  How do some nations try to distort trade patterns?

These questions and many more are incorporated into the various lecture/discussion sessions and case studies that serve as the basis for the One Day seminar on Understanding Global Economic Issues.

Presented in a non-biased manner, issues that face nations throughout the world will be explored and discussed.  Case studies and simulations may be adapted to variety of classes and disciplines.

The primary economics concepts emphasized throughout the sessions will be those related to the role of trade in raising standards of living and how policies can be developed to accomplish this goal.

Sessions will focus on current global trade patterns, trade alliances, impact of changes in exchange rates, and trade-offs that occur as trade patterns change over time.

For registration information, please contact the respective co-sponsor as listed on the One Day programs page.  For additional information, please contact Don Fell, FTE Professor and Director of the One Day seminars at dfell@fte.org.