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Economic Issues Graduate Credit Assignment


Activities in the Classroom:  Practice and Evaluation

To:  Teachers seeking graduate credit from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, for the Economic Issues for Teachers course.

Credit: Complete the following in order to obtain 2-hrs credit (letter grade option).

Assignment:   Select 2 of the activities included in the Economic Issues for Teachers course to use with your own students.

Plan ahead: Determine where the activities you select best integrate into the curriculum you are currently teaching.

  • Become familiar with the activity procedures and debriefing.  Modify the debriefing questions as necessary to fit the context of your curriculum while still addressing the targeted economic thinking.

Due:  Two months after course completion.

Submit: Send by email to – Ken Leonard at kleonard@fte.org

Format:  Follow the format below for each of the two activities conducted.

Name:                                                                          __________________

Activity Title:                                                              __________________

Date(s) of Activity:                                                     __________________

Number of Classes:     Number of Students:              ________    ________

Grade Level:                                                               __________________

Course:          Unit of Study:                                      ________    ________

Your evaluation (bulleted paragraphs) should briefly address the following:

  • How did you prepare your students for the activity?
    • Which content standard(s) were you targeting?
    • What content and skills did you think students needed before engaging in the activity?
    • Were your students adequately prepared for the activity?
  • Were you able to administer the activity effectively?
    • Briefly discuss the setup and process of the activity.
    • Explain what you would do differently next time.
  • Evaluate the debriefing(s).
    • What were you trying to accomplish with the debriefing?
    • How did the specifics of the experience shape the debriefing?
  • Did your students learn anything?  What?
    • How do you know?  What formal or informal assessment?
    • How effective was the activity in helping students learn the identified content standard(s) and benchmark(s)?
  • Where do you plan to go next?
    • What additional instruction do you think necessary before students are ready to demonstrate mastery of targeted standard(s) or benchmark(s).