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Economic History for Leaders


The Economic History for Leaders (EHFL) program combines history and economics lessons with the dynamic, student-teacher format of the Economics for Leaders (EFL) program.  EHFL’s unique cross-curricular content is specifically designed to help teachers incorporate economic reasoning principles into their high school American history and social studies classes. University professors and mentor teachers provide a variety of engaging, in-depth lectures and activities to provide the economic explanations behind pivotal historical events.

Participants learn interactive teaching strategies that incorporate the actual circumstances of historical periods of study. With EHFL lesson plans, teachers can help their students engage with subject matter by taking a detailed look at the economic considerations of the historical record – in essence, allowing students to ‘re-live’ history by taking an active role in the choices that individuals had to make during key events – rather than just reading or hearing about it.  Economic History for Leaders is a “must-take” course for any teacher of American history, social studies, government, civics, and economics.

  • $125 registration fee for teachers*
  • Unique opportunity to view mentor teacher/student interactions in a ‘laboratory’ setting
  • Approximately 25 teachers accepted per program
  • Two semester hours of graduate credit in economics available from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for $244**
  • Classes taught by university-level economic historians and experienced mentor teachers

*Lodging at the EHFL programs is covered in full by the FTE if participants are willing to share a room with another program participant.  If a private room is desired, the cost is an additional $100 for the week and will be charged during the registration process.  All accommodations are in on-campus dormitories.  Please contact lchang@fte.org for details.

**It is the sole responsibility of the individual participant to ensure the credit arrangement meets the criteria set forth by your school, district, and state.  To receive graduate credits, participants must be in attendance for the entire EHFL program.