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E&E Ohio – September 2020



Environment & the Economy

Hampton Inn and Suites, 5232 Bardes Road

Mason, OH  45040 (greater Cincinnati area)

September 26 – 29, 2020

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  • $150 refundable registration fee*
  • 2 days of teacher substitute fees will be covered per teacher participant.  The sub fee is based on the respective school district sub fee schedule.  Payment will be made directly to the school district if participant has attended all scheduled E&E sessions in their entirety.
  • $150 commuter stipends also available for local participants who commute to the program site each day
  • Approximately 25 teachers accepted per program
  • 2 semester hours of graduate credit in economics available (optional)**

*Refunds will be provided only to teachers who have successfully completed all sessions of the E&E program.

**It is the sole responsibility of the individual teacher to make sure the credit arrangement you pursue meets the criteria set forth by your school, district, and state.  Graduate credit is in Economics from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

For additional information on the Environment & the Economy program, please contact Dr. Donald Fell, Professor and E&E Director, at dfell@fte.org.


The health and safety of our teacher participants is of the utmost concern during the Environment & the Economy program in Cincinnati, Ohio this September.  Please see below for the modifications planned for the E&E program.

  • all participants will be housed in single rooms, instead of double-occupancy rooms, unless otherwise requested;
  • meeting rooms will be larger to allow for appropriate social distancing for participants during lectures and activities;
  • the group field trip will be modified to create additional spacing between participants;
  • face masks and hand sanitizer will be provided for all participants;
  • mandatory temperature checks will be be done at the start of each program day; and
  • the FTE will work in conjunction with our host hotel to ensure that the highest standards are met to ensure cleanliness throughout the meeting spaces, common areas, and catered serving areas.