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A Hard, Soft or No Landing?:
Examining the American Economy with Economist Scott Baier

With raising interest rates causing borrow costs to rise across the American economy, economists say there’s a 50% chance for a recession in the next 12 months. The economy, however, keeps chugging along with steady growth and a tight labor market despite the Federal Reserve’s continual flurry of interest rate hikes. These conditions have perplexed both experts and the public when trying to predict the direction of the American economy.


In this webinarFTE instructor and Clemson University economist, Dr. Scott Baier, will attempt to offer some clarity to this conundrum. As part of his talk, Dr. Baier will introduce teachers to data sources measuring U.S. economic performance and offer his expert opinion on the forces buffeting the economy. With this information, participants can better understand the current state of the American economy and have resources to share with their students.


Following a 45-minute presentation, Dr. Baier will take Q&A from the audience.  The webinar is scheduled to last 60 minutes.