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FTE offers a variety of virtual workshops for teachers on active learning in the virtual economics classroom. In these sessions, FTE instructors will feature the tools and pedagogy used in the Economics for Leaders virtual programs this summer. Our newest topic, Active Learning Can Be Virtual Too! Twenty-Seven Trillion and Counting will give your students the tools they need to make sense of incentives, costs, and benefits facing the decision makers that apply whether you are teaching in a traditional or virtual classroom.

Like most educational institutions across the country, FTE converted all high school student programs online. With over 620 high school students enrolled in the virtual Economics for Leaders program this summer, FTE staff developed significant experience delivering economics content in a virtual environment and we want to share this knowledge with educators across the nation.


Current Offerings

Workshop TitleDate/TimeDurationCourse FeeCapacityRegistration Status
Active Learning in the Virtual Classroom:
Twenty-Seven Trillion and Counting
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 7pm EDT (4pm PDT)2 Hoursnone35 ParticipantsOPEN