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Jamestown Simulation: The New World – 1610


The New World – 1610

Congratulations – you’ve made it to the New World.  It seemed like a bad idea during the voyage over, but now you’re here and ready to start a new life.  As our simulation unfolds there are some things you need to know:

 First, you are an indentured servant.  That means that you’ve agreed to work for seven years to pay the Virginia Company for your passage over here.  It sounds like a long time, but compared to what you faced in England this is a major step up.  The terms of your indenture make it very clear that whatever you create – crops, handiwork, even your ideas – belongs to the Virginia Company for the next seven years.

 Second, there are some company managers who came over on the boat with you.  Their job is to see that you work hard enough to make the investment in your passage worthwhile for the company.  They will tell you what work to do and when to do it.

 Third, you already can see that this new land is abundant with game and fish.  The soil is very fertile and even the Indians (about whom you’ve been a little worried) aren’t so numerous as you feared. 

 Finally, the work you do is very important for the Virginia Company.  You will be growing food for the colony and finding precious metals in the surrounding countryside.  Eventually you’ll be harvesting crops for sale back to England. 

 You are one lucky colonist!