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In Memory of Daniel Weinberger, EFL ‘07

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of Economics for Leaders alum, Daniel Weinberger. Daniel attended the 2007 Skidmore College EFL program, and returned the next year for the EFL reunion in Williamsburg, VA.

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Hot Topic: Ubernomics

In 4 short years, Uber brought down the taxi kings of New York City. Students examine data from medallion sales and ride sharing services, and then identify the incentives and institutions that first closed the taxi market in 1937 and then flooded it with competition in 2011.

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Hot Topic: It’s All In the Bag!

In the Bag! uses the economic way of thinking to investigate luxury markets, focusing on how firms like Hermès, Ferrari, and many elite universities use market power to restrict quantity supplied and keep prices high.

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UPDATE – Target: Big Game Hunting

Last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added the African lion to the Endangered Species List. Should wildlife lovers celebrate or cry?
Review the economic reasoning tools you learned in “Target: Trophy Hunting” to decide whether this latest development truly honors Cecil.

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