NEW Online Course Starts May 13th

“Teaching Economics – the Federal Reserve”

TE-FR is a virtual re-creation of the FTE’s 2015 PTA-Members-Only Conference: “Perspectives From and On the Federal Reserve System,” at the Fed Board of Governors, Washington D.C., April 23-25. Five lessons including conference speakers and readings.

Course dates: May 13-July 8. Reg. Deadline: May 8

(optional) 2 sem. hr. UCCS graduate credit

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New Hot Topic – Gas Prices ?!?

Moaning about the rising price of oil and gasoline has become part of our daily routine. We expect rising gas prices because . . . . Well, because, in our experience, that’s what gas prices do. But then, they didn’t! The price of gasoline began falling last summer . . . and it kept falling and kept falling – until the national average price in January was $2.05/gallon. #HowCanThatBe? Use the economic way of thinking and Economic Reasoning Propositions 3&4 to figure it out.

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Deadline for the Spring Online Course is March 12

Economics of Disasters Online for Teachers
March 16 – June 8, 2015
3 sem hr. graduate credit (optional)
Reg. deadline March 12, 2015
Space is Limited to 25

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Deadline For Student Applications is Monday, March 2

Deadline for Student Applications to Economics for Leaders is March 2

Apply Today!

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Hot Topic: Chocapocalypse?!

The potential for a “chocapocalypse” isn’t just advertising hype. Take a walk through the store and check out the price of chocolate. The boxes and bags – and even good old chocolate chips – are pretty pricey. (And, just sayin’, chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips . . . )

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