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Recent Alumni Spotlight – Sophia Sweeney


Sophia Sweeney is a 2019 alumna attending Economic History for Leaders at the University of California, Berkeley. History is one of Sophia’s favorite things and she especially loves travelling to immerse herself in a culture and learn of its history.

Last summer at Berkeley, Sophia was able to meet people from all over the world, including India, China and Singapore. Sophia says, “It was truly a learning experience to meet them all and learn about other lifestyles and cultures.”

In addition to learning more from others at her program, Sophia was also able to learn a lot about history, leadership and economics.

“The lessons I learnt have given me a set of tools that I can use to analyze situations. I now know about markets and how they work. I understand resource allocation. It gives me a deeper understanding of the forces in history and I can better understand the decisions made. Also, I have a better basis for AP Microeconomics, which I am taking this year.”

Sophia’s advice for those students planning to attend a program in 2020, is to have fun and put yourself out there! Sophia knows that even though that can sometimes be a scary thing to do, “everyone that attends is so nice and welcoming – it becomes a week-long family.”

We are now accepting applications to all of our summer programs, including Economic History for Leaders at the College of William & Mary and Brown University.


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