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Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy


The world is filled with big ideas. Businesses built on big ideas, however, are far more rare. For entrepreneurs to turn their big idea into a thriving business, they need more than just passion, grit, and accounting skills. An understanding of the economic concepts that explain human behavior and drive the global economy is key.

Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy (EGE) goes beyond what most pre-college entrepreneurship programs teach. Participants not only learn practical skills, like writing a business plan or how to pitch an idea, but also about the economic principles that make successful entrepreneurship possible. To build a business, an entrepreneur must understand incentives and the role institutions, like government, play in setting the “rules of the game”.



What Makes EGE Unique?

EGE offers 30-40 high school students from around the world the chance to spend a week learning about entrepreneurship:

  • Professors will introduce how economics principles apply to entrepreneurship
  • Corporate guest speakers share their insights and real-world experiences
  • Classroom instruction is supplemented by practical activities and simulations



Why EGE?

The EGE program is designed to help students:

  • Understand the risks and rewards associated with entrepreneurship
  • Evaluate sources of capital
  • Understand market forecasting and supply/demand
  • Enhance team-building skills
  • Learn to apply the economic way of thinking to business decisions
  • Have fun while creating a network of peers from around the world

Feedback from parents, independent college counselors, and students indicate that FTE programs provide students with an enriching experience that helps with the college admission process.