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“These are more than economics programs: participants turn off their devices and learn the soft skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.”

The Foundation for Teaching Economics sponsors two different programs for high school students each summer:  Economics for Leaders (EFL) and Economic History for Leaders (EHFL).  The curriculum for both programs is based on the premise that leaders need to incorporate economic reasoning skills into the key decisions they make.

Each program introduces students to economics principles and five associated economic reasoning propositions.  Interactive sessions also examine theories of leadership and build a practical understanding of leadership through a series of tasks and dilemmas.

Thirteen to sixteen programs are offered each summer on university campuses across the country, and are open to rising juniors and seniors.  Admission is competitive. Once a student completes an EFL or EHFL program, they become eligible to attend the Leadership Academy program in Washington, D.C.  Alumni can also apply for a position with the FTE as a Program Coordinator.

The programs offer a unique and enjoyable learning opportunity for students, with 91% of participants saying that they would recommend them to their friends. College admission officers have commented that students who attend selective academic programs like EFL and EHFL make more competitive applicants, and it is not uncommon for students to write about their experiences at EFL and EHFL in their college application essays.

EFL and EHFL graduates gain valuable opportunities to:

  • elevate their resume with distinctive experiences
  • practice leadership skills
  • receive advanced economics coursework
  • network for internships in Washington, DC
  • navigate dorm life
  • connect with future college friends
  • experience new situations that are invaluable for college application essay writing
  • enjoy a life-changing week on a college campus

FTE strives to make these programs accessible and affordable to all high-achieving students, regardless of financial status.  Scholarship funding is available.

Optional college credit for EFL and EHFL is also available through our partner, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, for two semester hours of college credit at $122 per unit.