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Teacher Programs


To fulfill the Foundation for Teaching Economics’ mission to promote excellence in economic education by helping teachers of economics become more effective educators, FTE offers different professional development opportunities to teachers. These include week-long residential programs, single day seminars, and online programs.

Each program format provides methodological and content instruction. Participants learn to incorporate activity-based lessons into their economics classes and also add to their expertise in the field. In addition to micro-and macro-economics, programs also covered a variety of applied economic topics, such as economic history, international trade, and the environment.

The FTE strives to make these programs accessible to all teachers. The cost is subsidized so participants pay a nominal fee to attend. The different formats give teachers the option to take courses in person or online. Programs are offered nationwide so teachers have the choice of multiple dates and locations.

“As a new teacher of economics, this program was the perfect jump-start into the basics of the topic, its real-world applications and, most importantly, its relevancy to student’s lives, by teaching them how to think critically about the world around them.” 

– Johnny Kent, EFL Chicago

“Although I’ve taught economics for several years, the exceptional instructors gave me strategies which will increase my teaching skills exponentially.”

– Matthew Schafer, EFL Seattle

All lessons and activities are correlated with both the Common Core state standards and all 50 state standards in economics. The courses are accredited through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and graduate level credit is available.