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Environment & the Economy


Environment & the Economy (E&E) is a cross-curricular program that provides a unique overview of how economic principles can be used to analyze local, national, and international environmental issues. 

Instead of the generally adopted policy of dealing with environmental problems through the criminal code and moral approbation, which can lead to a “we vs them” atmosphere, E&E participants will learn how a rational approach to environmental issues helps develop a better understanding of the complexity of these matters and how they may possibly be solved.

All sessions are highly interactive and led by outstanding, nationally recognized professors. The program pedagogy combines content lectures, hands-on classroom activities, and case studies. A highlight of the program is a field trip that illuminates the challenges and solutions to a specific environmental issues. 

Who Can Apply? 

Students who are current sophomores or juniors in high school are eligible to apply. 


Admission to E&E is competitive, with acceptances based on leadership potential, maturity, and vision. Above all, E&E participants are intelligent and articulate students who will benefit from this unique educational experience. Applications are considered, reviewed, and accepted on a rolling basis. Space is limited, so we encourage students to apply early. 

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

FTE strives to make its programs accessible and affordable to the best and brightest students, regardless of financial status. Applications are reviewed for scholarship funding at the same time as program admission. Please follow this link to learn more. 


Program Goals

E&E aims to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the skills necessary to better understand the complex costs and benefits of resolving local, national, and international environmental issues. 

  • Give students the knowledge to understand environmental and economic issues happening in the world today
  • Foster students’ commitment to continued learning about economics, environmental issues, and leadership
  • Provide a fun-filled, active environment rich with new friendships that can last a lifetime
  • Help students discover their potential as they recognize and develop their own effective leadership skills

Feedback from parents, independent college counselors, and students indicate that FTE programs provide students with an enriching experience that helps with the college admission process.
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