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Alumni Opportunities


Alumni of FTE student programs can be found worldwide in a growing community of over 12,000.

As an alumnus of EFL/EFAH/EGE/E&E, you are eligible for unique and exclusive opportunities that include the following:

  • Attend our Alumni Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C. to build on the economics and leadership principles taught at FTE student programs – must have attended in 2020-2023 and have not started their first year of college
  • Help to recruit future students as an FTE Ambassador
  • Work for FTE as a Program Coordinator in Training – must be a rising sophomore in college
  • Participate in TFAS’ Live. Learn. Intern. program in Washington, DC – must be a rising sophomore in college

Click the links to the right to learn more about each of these opportunities.

We encourage you to stay connected with FTE and other alumni through our social media.  As your academic and professional careers progress, please be sure to update us on your latest achievements by reaching out at information@fte.org.