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Recent Alumni Spotlight – Rebecca Liu


New alumna, Rebecca Liu, attended an Economic History for Leaders this summer at UC Berkeley and is now representing FTE as an ambassador.

Rebecca is in her senior year of high school and shared with us how she is applying her new skills in her economics class and in her yearbook club, “Knowing my own strengths allows me to better embrace them in the classroom, and I’m sure it would also help me write more personal college essays.” Before coming the program, Rebecca was somewhat intimidated by economics but enjoyed history, so she thought it would be a fun way to learn more about Economics and prepare for her course. After the program, she is now more interested in economics realizing it is more of a social science than she thought and may even consider it as a potential major with psychology!

Her favorite activity at EHFL was the Jet Fighter, saying this activity showed how important it is for people within an organization to communicate with one another, regardless of any positions they do or do not hold.

If you know about our Economics for Leaders course but want to learn more about the Economic Hisory for Leaders, you can learn more here.


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