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Program Content & Topics


Concepts to be covered during the program will include, but not be limited to:

  • Economic institutions
  • Property rights
  • Market structures
  • Incentives
  • Marketing strategies
  • Developing effective business partners
  • Human capital investment
  • Demand and supply determinants
  • Rule of Law
  • Economic risk
  • Business funding sources
  • Business growth strategies
  • Identifying key staff personnel
  • Understanding the competitive marketplace


The program will be a blend of dynamic, real-world lectures along with a variety of entrepreneur presentations, and will include two unique aspects:

  1. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of leaders in entrepreneurship
  2. Participants will experience Zodiak, a business leadership simulation that will help them understand fundamentals of entrepreneurship such as free cash flow, gross/net profit, gross margin and other key bottom line concepts by actually experiencing the starting and running of a business. Zodiak, developed in 1994 by Paradigm Learning, has been offered to over two million corporate executives and leaders from Fortune 1000 firms.