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Multi-Day Programs


FTE sponsors multi-day professional development programs for teachers that are held at locations across the country and virtually online. Topics covered include micro-and macro-economics, and a variety of applied economics topics, such as economic history, international trade, and environmental economics.

The programs are a unique blend of content and methodology instruction, with university professors and experienced mentor teachers leading the sessions. A unique feature of the some of the multi-day programs: FTE instructors model the activities with high school students live. Participants will leave programs with lessons and activities that reinforce economics concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

The multi-day programs are affordable. Participants only pay a nominal registration fee, with stipends available for each program. In addition, teachers can earn two or three graduate semester credits units from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for only $122 per unit.


“I feel lucky to have participated in this program. I was discouraged when I first taught economics and experienced some failures. This program helped me understand the why I encountered those failures, why students have difficulty learning the material, and how I can have significantly more success next time. To be able to watch more experienced teachers help students learn the material for the first time made this the most valuable professional development I have ever had the privilege to attend.”

– Leigh Michelsen, EFL Chicago