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FTE provides a variety of resources for educators, including curriculum outlines and accompanying lesson plans, Hot Topic inquiries into current issues, and an Economic Barometer for easy access to the U.S. federal government’s latest quarterly economic data.  All FTE curriculum resources may be viewed online or downloaded.  Lessons include background information, source citations (linked when possible), readings, and handouts. Activities include teacher guides, materials masters, and video demonstrations.   Copyright permission is given for educational use of all FTE resources.  Download files are editable and the FTE encourages teachers to modify and adapt the materials as appropriate to their specific goals and classrooms.

All FTE lessons are correlated to the National Voluntary Content Standards in economics, the Common Core, and when possible, to the individual state standards. Our searchable interface facilitates alignment of lesson content and activities for standards- and mastery-based instruction.

The Professional Teacher Association (PTA) is open to all alumni of FTE teacher programs, both online and face-to-face.  There is no charge for registration or membership. Benefits include a newsletter, advance notice of upcoming courses and programs, and eligibility to apply for annual PTA conferences.