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Economic Reasoning Quiz


True / False

_____1.             The best things in life are free.
_____2.             The largest cost of going to college is tuition and books.

_____3.             “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”
_____4.             Life is priceless and should be sustained at any cost.
_____5.             We can help the poor by regulating prices and keeping them low.

_____6.             Recycling newspapers helps reforest our lands.
_____7.             One person’s benefit in the market is someone else’s loss.
_____8.             People who work the hardest get the most money.

_____9.             It is a good idea to seek all of the information about a product before making a purchase.

_____10.          Raising the minimum wage is the best way to help unskilled workers.

_____11.           Rich people don’t face the problem of scarcity.

_____12.           It is a good idea to make an informed choice and stick to it.